What I have been up to ...

We're moving. Enough said. LOL

Sunday, March 1st we are moving to a wonderful new home. It's beyond my dreams. God truly does listen to the desires of our hearts. Of course they have to be aligned with Him.

The boys are all done. Can you believe it? It's awesome. The only toys left are the ones they play with every day. You know, NERF guns and footballs.

I'm pretty much done as well. Bo has a few things left like his WHOLE office. We'll get it done.

All utilities are set up. Most important the cable man is meeting me at the new house the day we move in. Yep. I'm happy. Please, if you feel the need to pray for my "addiction" to the television, do so quietly. :)

Not sure how much I'm going to be posting the next two weeks. You can say a prayer that the actual move runs smooth. Bo has hurt his left shoulder. So please do pray for that. It hurts bad. He has even been up at 2 rubbing Ben-Gay and popping Motrin. Of course it is bad because he has very manual job and he is left handed. Poor guy.

Well, I'm off to watch UFC!


bree said...

exciting! praying all will go smoothly! Amen!

Lori :) said...

I've been meaning to email you to see if you got that one house. Guess so!
Let us know if you need help moving! :) Can't wait to see your new place!

Sarah A. said...

Congratulations! I hate the physical moving part, but I love getting a new house. New rooms to decorate and organize, it's very exciting. Hope all goes well!
BTW, there are worse things to be addicted to than tv! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hope the move has gone well -how exciting!! You crack me up about the TV b/c I am so NOT about the TV! :) Blessings my friend - enjoy your new home!!! Lisa

Terri said...

Hey Lisa, is that your quiet way of telling me that you are praying for me? LOL

longge said...

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