Found this neat website

Reading has become very important to me. I encourage the boys to read on their own. I read on my own. During the week we are always reading together.

When my boys were younger the choice of books was easy. At least in my mind. Now that Matthew is 11 I find that we are in a whole new world. I can see how his generation is being enticed to read crap. Demonic, extreme fantasy, disrespectful, the list goes on.

I was not raised to be a lover of reading. I still to this day couldn't name more then a few "classics". I know, that's sad. But I'm changing that and passing on a legacy of reading.

In my quest to find a good list of books to look through I found a neat site.

Classical Homeschooling. I've linked you to Classical Christian Homeschooling Loop: 1000 Good Books List.

So, this week we are off to library! :)


I am Maricar said...

Thanks for the link. I briefly perused it - and I'm glad to see some of the books that I had been checking out for Addison are on that list!

As for me, I am currently engrossed in Stormie Omartian's "Power of Prayer" series. Awesome.

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