My sweet boy

Ryan, my almost 8 year old, said the cutest thing to me just now.

I'm on the computer catching up on some blogs. Thinking about how I should be writing something for here and for Tidewater Cross Section. I'm also thinking about how I should be unpacking more of my room. Perhaps the dishes should be placed in the dishwasher. I need to get some laundry done before what is actually clean gets mixed in with the dirty. You know, all that stuff we think about while mindlessly surfing the web.

On his way to the living room from the kitchen he stopped by me.

"Mom, make sure you don't look at anything inappropriate."

He is such a sweet boy. Gotta love my guy.


Embracing my cup said...

What a cutie! He's keeping you in line, mama!

Lori :) said...

Yes . . . make sure you aren't! :) hee,hee. Gotta love our kiddos! At least he doesn't have an excuse now to say he didn't know he wasn't supposed to look at anything inappropriate! :)

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