Prayer please

Our son David's disease has forced his body into spontaneous puberty. He is 9 with the bone age of a 15 year old. The medicine that the doctor has prescribed to stop the puberty is $1,700 a month.
We do not have the money for this. So there are some things in the works. The doctor is aware of the situation and is helping.
Please keep all of it in prayer. We are believing God for a healing at all times.
Bless y'all!


Bree said...

I have you guys on the prayer chain. hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey Terri - thanks for the sweet encouragement - I am definitely at a strange place with my son and school...but will trust God. I will pray for you guys as you weigh options. I hope you are enjoying your new home!! And as for David...God knows; live each day by faith, believing that God WILL provide. Hang in there - and have joy in the journey! :) Blessings, my friend.

Bree said...

any news yet-didn't get a chnce to ask you today.

longge said...

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