What brings peace to you?

For awhile now I have thought that peace was when I was walking in the Will of God. I thought peace came when I was blameless. Peace was in my life when "all is right with the world." Is that your idea too?

God showed me something a few weeks back. These things are a result of His peace. The source of peace is the Presence of God.

That's it. That simple.

Peace is here when the Spirit of the Lord comes.

That's why you can have your whole world fall apart and still have peace.

You can be ugly, mean-spirited, hurtful but come to a place of true repentance and have peace.

God's presence is PEACE. He is peace. He brings peace. He leaves peace.

I find myself at times especially before I "got" this begging God for His peace. Trying to align myself up in such a way that would bring peace. I would try to say the right things, behave the right way, striving for that peace. When simply all I have to do is ask God to come. Draw near to me. All that is required for His peace is to simply sit close to Him.

It's a glorious thing, His peace. Have you felt it today?


Bree said...

Amen to that:)

Andrea said...

Wonderful words of comfort! He is our peace. If only we could fully realize how much He wants us to rest in Him. "Let not your hearts be troubled." Thank you for this awesome post. May God bless you. Your blog is a ministry for God's glory.

Lisa writes... said...

"He HIMSELF is our peace" (somewhere in Ephesians, I think...)--amen!

God's Girl said...

What incredible words of wisdom!!!
I needed to be reminded of these words today. Thank you so much for sharing!


longge said...

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