Update on the medicine

I called the pharmaceutical company. I faxed our application to the wrong fax number. I sent it to their "general" fax line. Not the specific medication fax line. So Friday I resubmitted everything to the correct number. I'm going to call on Friday to see how it's going. Thank you all for your prayers. God is moving, strengthening and speaking to our whole family. It is wonderful.

We shall, we shall, we shall not be moved! Standing firm in a complete healing.


Bree said...

amen to that!

Sarah A. said...

Thanks for the update! I am still praying!

Janie said...

Thanks! I like your new look too! And whether your walk or run it's great exercise. Hang in there looks like you have a full plate right now so just do what you can. I hope and pray all goes well with your son.

Anonymous said...

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