Glory to God!

Today I received the news that David's medicine will be covered by the pharmaceutical company!!

Praise God!

Shout for glory!

I have been rejoicing all day. Not one thing has gotten me down today. I have cried my praises, I have laughed my praises. I fell on my face in complete silence. Just about every way to manifest my joy I have done today.

May God forever be praised!
A big "Thank You" to all for praying and standing with us. Your prayers have been heard!


Lori :) said...

J told me the great news!!! AWESOME! PTL!!! Not that I doubted it at all -ever! :) hee,hee.
God is taking care of you guys. I guess He must like you! :)

Bree said...

have I not talked to you since you called about this?! I cried with you, He is so good all the time:) Miss you and lots of big hugs and love to you guys.