catching up

Yesterday David received his first shot. What a champ. As usual I was not surprised that he didn't flinch. The nurse was surprised. It was a big needle. But that is my David.

Today was a bit surprising though. David was actually in a really great mood. He giggled like a little kid again. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

I'm still in love with my house.

Bo is merging his company with another company. What a huge blessing. At first I was terrified. Well, deep in my spirit I was okay but on the surface I was worried. Now there is just perfect peace. This afternoon we helped Bo move his desk and stuff into his new office. I'm really diggin' having my bedroom back. There is room to have a chair. I think it would be neat to have a chair there and be able to sit and read. Or more likely put a big pile of clean but not folded clothes on it. Oh well.

Matt caught a catfish today. You couldn't get rid of his smile.

Ryan had a tick in his armpit. We were able to get all of it out except for the mouth part. I tried every home remedy I could find. Nothing worked. But tonight we finally dug it out. Praise God.

Thanks to Facebook I have actually been talking to my sisters a lot. I haven't spoken to my brother in six or seven years. Last week I got his email from one of my sisters. So today I wrote him. I talked to my step-mom today. It was good to hear her voice. I'm going to be better at keeping in contact. Really, what is 10 minutes of my time? Nothing really. I allow other things to occupy my time. Such a shame.

I'm ready to really loose weight. We joined the Y again. But this time my mind is different. My overall goal is loose about 50 pounds. But my first goal is to loose 20 pounds by my friend's wedding at the end of June.

Some days I'm ready for school to be over and other days I'm not. I think we might go into June one week. I really need to focus on spelling a lot more.

I'm re-committing my commitment to writing. I'm going to start posting more and writing for Tidewater Cross Section again.

I want to laugh more.

This Spring with all it's changes has inspired me to freshen up and make some changes. I'm excited to see what all is going to happen.

Well, I guess that is it. I just wanted to touch base a bit. Hope all is well with y'all.

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