This is my word for 2012. Kind of a big word but hey, I have a big God. I read this article Choosing Words To Live By I was immediately struck by it. It didn't take me long to figure out what word God would have me study.


There are so many reasons this word is important for 2012. One being that I am being called to be more disciplined in my daily walk with Christ. I am saddened by how I have chosen other things to fill my time. God is so kind and patient with me. He never pushes Himself on me. I can just sense His presence ... the still, quietness of His voice beckoning me to spend time with Him.

I want to, I want to wake up in the morning and give Him my best. I want to gain insight and direction. The thought of sipping a cup of coffee while praying, listening seems so ... right.

Yet, there I am ... rushing around the house. I'm trying to get my shower, kids up, cats fed, you name it. I'm doing just about everything else but resting in Him. I often wondered how much better my day would go if I just took 10 minutes, first thing in the morning to be with God.

My spirit knows the answer. So does Satan.

Anyway - coming back to the basis of this post .... I am on a quest to discover DISCIPLINE.

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Bree said...

Amen sister :) right there with you! love you!