I wanna be excellent

I've been thinking a lot about being a woman of excellence.  What does it mean?  What does it look like?  How can I achieve it?  Numerous questions fill my mind.  It started when I received a free Bible study from church, titled "Becoming a Woman of Excellence" by Cynthia Heald.  It was many years ago and sadly to say I never finished it.

The study often comes to my mind.  Usually when I don't feel excellent in what I'm doing.  It pops up when I'm having a difficult time completing a  task like a project for school or sewing a child's button or cleaning a fish tank.  I've noticed that I want to skip corners and rush through things.  A "lick and a promise" as my Grandma would say.  Sure, sometimes that's needed, for instance you can't scrub the whole bathroom before work but you can wipe down the sink.

However my life has been a lot of wiping down the sink.  I've been stuck in survival mode.  Let's just get the day done with minimal resistance from life.  Let's get the boys to bed without them fighting.  Let's have a cheerful attitude with not so nice people.

I want more.  I don't want to survive.  I don't want to be that the highlight of the day was that I didn't mess something up.  I want to live, have abundance... abundance of life and joy.

I love the show The Closer so when it ended and the cast started a new show, Major Crimes I was excited.  I love the main character Sharon Raydor.  Loved her since she first appeared on The Closer.  She is one of those people that I could listen speak for hours.  I was in awe of her stature, the way she carried herself, how she spoke to people and the wisdom that she showed.  Yes, I realize it is a character on TV.  Nonetheless I want to be like her. 

There are some other characters that I have watched and have thought to myself "I want to behave like that." or "I want that patience" I began asking God to show me what it is about those people that have that I'm lacking, at least in my perception. Again, yes I realize they are TV characters but God knows where to find me. lol

My silent pray has been "I want to be like Sharon Raydor." Silly I'm sure but God understands what I mean.  One day He dropped in my spirit "Carries herself with confidence, listens closely, observant, slow to speak and chooses words carefully."

Let's just say I'm still chewing on that.  I have the observant part but the others ... not so much.  I'm learning though.  I'm growing and each day I can see it.  Drawing closer to Christ is the key, allowing The Holy Spirit to move in my life is another part of it.  Fully accepting God's lordship is important too.  I'm not telling you anything new.  We all have areas to grow, mature in and we all know that drawing closer to God is the answer. He loves us, created us in His image, died for us and prays for us.  He comforts us, counts the number of hairs on our head, sings over us while we sleep, laughs with us, cries with us, smiles at us.  He binds the broken hearted, tends to the weary.  He is our all in all.

Take a few minutes to watch this video.  You may have seen it before .... I just wanted to share it.

That's My King!

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