Checking in ...

Well hello everyone!! I certainly didn't intend to stay away so long. I wish that I could say that I've been gone for nearly two weeks because of some deep encounter with our Lord. Although I have been drawn closer to Him and He has reveled some things to me about our walk but it wasn't all sunshine and tulips. I will post later about that but first let me share the non-sunshine part ...

Friday (Feb 22) I was hit by the flu. At first I thought it might have just been a slight cold. So instead of just chilling around the house I continued on with life. We still went to the Co-Op, still meet with my friend Caitlin on Wednesday, still took the boys to the library, etc. Then Friday night (Feb 29) hit. We moved my mom to her new home, went out to dinner and back home. I thought I was going to die. We had plans to go to Staunton VA on Saturday morning. I really wanted to go but just couldn't get up. So Bo took the boys. I spent all day on my couch with the T. V. remote, a good book and a cup of coffee. It was heaven. On the way up they stopped and picked up Grandpa. Everyone had a great time. I received a phone call around 8:30 that night from Bo. They had left a little later then planned and would be spending the night at Larry's. Wow! A whole day and night to myself. My sick self needed that.
My plan was to get up, go to the Holy Spirit class at 9:30 and then hit the second service at 11:15. Well, at 7:40 my cell phone rings ... it's Bo. Matthew woke up puking. I told Bo to get him some 7 Up and drive slow. :) I still went to the Holy Spirit class but opted to come home to snuggle my baby boy. They arrived home shortly after I did. Matthew looked so sad. He had puked three times at Grandpa's and two more times in the truck. We got him in the shower and made him a little bed on the couch. He slept off and on through out the day. Meanwhile I went into my begging prayer of "Please dear God, don't let us get sick. Especially the Mama!" Monday came and went with just Matthew being sick one more time. I could tell by his conversations that he was feeling better.
Tuesday morning came early for me. Ryan woke up at 3:30 complaining that his tummy hurt. By 5:30 he was throwing up ... in my bed ... Good Morning Lord. It's me. Bo took care of cleaning up Ryan while I quickly changed our bed and did what all of us moms have had to do. Tuesday was much like Sunday and Monday. A lot of snuggling, quiet play and cartoon watching. So much for trying out my new homeschool schedule and Language Arts stuff. Tuesday night came. Every one went to bed. Ryan had his bucket "just in case" Matthew was feeling much better. David didn't seem to have any problems. Bo and I were going to sit down and watch American Idol. Life was good. About 8:45 my stomach turned. I began my begging prayer again "Oh Lord please anything but throwing up. You know I won't do it. I'm stubborn. I'll fight it." And I did for the next hour. I fought the urge to be sick. In the hour, David came down and told us his tummy was upset. Here we go. I gave David a bucket. By 10 p.m. David and I began our journey. I was downstairs and he was upstairs. Bless his heart I was of no help. Every time I heard him I sent Bo up there. Yes, Bo stayed down with me. What a sweet man. David is like me though. He likes to be alone when he is in the act of being sick. But being the mama I am I hover so that when that panic begins of feeling like you can't breath or that it will never end or the "I think my toe nails are going to come up" I can say reassuring words. Words like " I know Buddy. This sucks. God is going to heal you." Oh and don't forget, you have to have a nice cool rag to wipe your face. So in between my drama I was waking Bo up to take care of David. About 2 in the morning Bo decided to ditch me. LOL He needed to sleep. I crawled up to David's room to touch him. The mama in me just knew he was lying on the bathroom floor dying. But he wasn't. He was sleeping in his bed. Cool rag on his little face and bucket placed beside his bed. I prayed that the Lord would watch over him. I knew I couldn't stay upstairs. I think he may have been sick one more time that night. About an hour later I woke up to Ryan complaining of his tummy. I crawled back upstairs. I told Ryan he could come downstairs and watch cartoons but that I was sick and could not lay with him in his bed. He joined me. He did not throw up. Praise God. But he did wake me up every half hour talking to me. Sweet boy. Finally morning comes with the sound of my husband being sick. Yes, the stomach virus has hit the whole family. Wednesday was a bad day. Bo and I were laid up on the two couches while our precious children took care of us and each other. It's in these moments that you realize what they are made of. No one complained or argued. When we asked for water they brought it to us. When we were hot they turned down the AC. When we were cold they brought us more blankets. My favorite was when I puked out my guts out I heard the reassuring words "I know it sucks Mom. God is going to make you better. Just relax. Here is your cool rag." Makes my heart happy.
My mom ending up stopping by just because. The last we spoke only Matthew and Ryan were not feeling good. She was great. Mom gave the boys a break! LOL She bought us a ton of calming tummy sodas and Popsicles. She treated the boys to gum and pizza. By Wednesday night things were looking up. My stomach had calmed way down. My head pounded so hard and I was ready to sleep. We all fell out by 9. David was the only one who threw up one more time that night.
Thursday morning came and I felt a bit better. I actually wanted some coffee. So I made a little and nursed it all morning. I ate a little. Bo went back to work. The boys and I spent the day eating Popsicles. I cleaned up the house very slowly. :) Then we watched Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring. We had not seen it before. Matthew and I really liked it. After about 1 1/2 David and Ryan lost interest. So they only watched the battle parts.
Now today is Friday. I feel so much better. The boys are feeling better and so is Bo. Our world was rocked! The last time this happened to us was back in 06. So we just may be safe until 2010. Glory!
God did make us all better.


Mocha with Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you find some good reads. So sorry y'all have had the yuckies. That is no fun!!

bree said...

ahhhh! glad you're all better! love the boys taking care of ya:) big hugs!

Happyhome said...

What an ordeal. It is certainly no fun when the whole family is sick, but God sustains us.