Some good advice (homeschool blog)

The past two days God has brought to me some good advice.

First thing was yesterday. I was having 'one of those days'. I called my husband to tell him that I am just a failure at homeschooling. Tears streaming down my face, I explained all the ways I just blew it. In his loving way he said "Take a deep breath. You are not a failure. I think you should make a list of things you feel is wrong. Then make a list of how those things should be like. Next make another list of the ways you are going to change those areas."

What a great idea I thought. I love lists. :) Maybe putting things down on paper instead of them rolling around in my head ... well, I just may see the mole hill.

The boys and I went to the library before our co-op meeting. I was getting some books on Charlotte Mason. I stumbled upon this book; Homeschooling Take a Deep Breath - You Can Do This! by Terrie Lynn Bittner. Too funny I thought. So I added that to our pile.

This morning I was on the phone with my sweet friend Bree. I was explaining yesterday and what Bo had said to do. She then added that I should write a list every day of the things we did do. Like yesterday at the library I taught the boys how to locate the non-fiction books by using the call letters. She felt that basically I focus on what I haven't checked off and totally forget the things that 'just happen'.

So this evening I am reading that book by Mrs. Bittner. Listen to this ...She encourages keeping a homeschool journal. Every evening list the things that went right in the day. Start with the good stuff first because you could become discouraged! LOL Then she said that you can't write more negative stuff then you have written about positive stuff. For example, if you write 5 good things then you can't write more then 5 bad things. Next Terrie says to circle what you feel worries you the most and what you are most proud of. Take the good thing, write it on a index card or sticky note, and post it some where. After that you should come up with a solution for the problem. Isn't that neat?

She also said that you should word the problem correctly. Instead of saying that 'I have a terrible temper'. You should say 'I became upset when Jason dawdled during math.' Terrie said that you can't change your personal temper tantrum from earlier but you can think of a solution for the child who dawdles.

I thought that was so enlightening. Think about it ... my/your 'bad temper' is so vague and encompasses so much more then one issue. But looking at the event, the child who dawdles, it's easier to put into perspective.

It's funny to me looking back over the summer to now. God has been calling me to read, read and read in regards to homeschooling and now He is calling to me write, write and write. Perfect timing and nothing out of order. May His name be praised!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I want to read that book!
Hope you are doing well - thanks for always keeping in touch. We start school 8/4 - what about you? Blessings,

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