Prayer requests

O.K. I have some prayer requests. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have some encouragement or a Word.
  • Homeschooling - Creativity, curricula, and structure
  • Our mortgage - wisdom and clarity
  • Health of my family - that we stay healthy and a healing for David
  • Our business - for work to increase and for us to be paid on time.
  • My prayer life - God is calling me into a deeper prayer life. I want to learn what He wants to teach me.
  • Writing - I am stepping out on a limb, jumping out of my comfort zone. I'm going to submit some things to an online magazine. I want God glorified in my spirit whether my stuff is picked or not.

Thank you all Mighty Prayer Warriors!


bree said...

Praying with you! You know, the Lord is saying "we've got all your life to do this"-I don't think He is saying He wants it to take all our lives, but maybe He is saying it to some things. Maybe we're not going to "get" something until we are old and gray, because that's when we'll be ready to understand it. A couple from church were heading into a new ministry that she had prayed about for 30 years (a move to VA no less!) And I thought-30 years?! But would she have been ready to accept that blessing as a blessing any sooner than then? Maybe not. Contentment is what the Lord is emphasizing to me in my life (among other things!) I smiled at our conversation this morning! He is good and faithful always!

longge said...

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