Spring is in the air!

I am sitting here enjoying the beautiful breeze coming through my bedroom window. I can hear the sounds of laughter from all the kids, mine included, from the neighborhood. The house is fairly straight. Work, my outside work, is done for the day. Checked on my farm :) Gotta love Facebook.

Right now I am just so encourage by Spring. The concept of Spring. The newness of Spring. Fresh starts and new beginnings. Last spring I was hopeful of this relaxed spirit but I didn't quite have it. I knew one day I would.

Last year this time I was more in the mode of putting one foot in front of the other. Head down, doing this thang. Being there for the boys. Making ends meet. Living day in and day out.

This year I am overwhelmed with the possibilities. The boys and I are happy. Things are well with our soul. Christ does truly make all things new.

I do not know the future but I do know the One who holds the future!

As I'm writing this and ice cream truck is driving through my neighborhood. Matt hollers from his room "You know it's Spring when the Ice Cream Truck comes around!" Very, very true.

Is God sounding the ice cream truck in your life?


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